EMS it is a perfect workout in 20 minutes

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EMS it is a personal training for the 21st century

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Muscle Electrostimulation – EMS Training

Thanks to synergy of sport and change of habits we are able to significally lift lifes quallity. This idea has been guiding us from the very beginning of the studio’s existence, that’s why we approach work with our clients holistically. On the one hand through adjusting trainings to ones idividual needs, on the other hand providing them with knowledge about broadly understood healthy lifestyle. Our staff consists of professional trainers. It is important for them, that their pupils are aware that phisical activity is so much more than just taking care of their body.

EMS Personal trainer Krakow – STUDIO SYNERGY

Do you want to reduce excess body fat? To sculpt your figure and strengthen your muscles? Or maybe you want to get rid of cellulite and improve your condition? Take advantage of the EMS training, which is the most effective training method in the world, that allows you to achieve perfect effects in short period of time. EMS training consists in using muscle electrostimulation and is performed under the supervision of proffessional personal trainer EMS for 20 minutes once a week. During 20 minutes EMS training personal trainer adjusts the intensity of training to individual goals and needs of clients, and also to level of training. EMS personal trainers in Studio Synergy in Krakow are high-class certificated Ems trainers, with extensive knowledge of biomechanics and human anatomy. Their experience combined with innovative EMS training allows clients to achieve spectacular effects during 20 minutes training sessions once a week.

Advantages of EMS training


Innovative EMS training is electrostimulation of muscles using electrical impulses. Personal trainer adjusts parameters due to needs of training person. Studio Synergy is precurson of the EMS method in Małopolska.

Personal training

Trening Personalny
Your personal trainer will adjust the intensity of EMS training to your needs. We understand, that everyone has different expectations and predispositions, thats why individual approach to each training is supported by multiple international schoolings of our trainers. This is the best way to achieve success.


You train only 20 minutes once a week, because all of your muscles work simultaneously, and the electrical impulse reaches directly to the muscles. There is no need to spend countless hours at the gym. It’s a good way to save time. Effectiveness of EMS is supported by many studies.

Relieves Pain

Łagodzenie bólu
EMS training is an effective way to strenghten rarely excericised deep muscles, which are responsible for strong and healthy back. Personal trainer will put toghether such an exercise plan, to safely strengthen the whole corset of the deep back muscles. Efectiveness in decreasing back pain is felt after just 2 trainings.

Weight Control

Kontrola wagi
Electrical stimulation speeds up your metabolism and reduces fat, so you are able to easily control your weight.


The effects are already visible after 10-12 trainings. Electrical stimulation lets you achieve results much faster than a traditional gym. Experienced personal trainer in Studio Synergy will lead efficient and safe workout.


EMS training helps to recover quicker from an injury to full fitness. Our personal trainer will advice you how to most efficiently regain your form and develop special excericises adjusted to heath condition. EMS is the safest training form in the world.

Joints Protection

Ochrona Stawów
During the EMS training we don’t use the load in the form of weight, therefore there are no overloads on the joints. Therefore we welcome elderly people as well as those after injuries. EMS training in Studio Synergy is good both for people physically active, and with weaker condition.

EMS training in numbers

98% of trainees at 12 training sessions observed a figure improvement

88% trainees at 12 training sessions have noticed a reduction in back pain

87% trainees at 12 training sessions significantly improved the strength of physical level

98% of women trainees improved firmness and tension of skin and reduced a cellulite level

EMS training

EMS training is only 20 minutes 1 time per week

Studio Synergy specializes in EMS training, which is the most advanced and one of the most effective forms of personal training in the world. The secret of the EMS personal training is a muscles electrical stimulation, which is used in competitive sports and physiotherapy for years. During a traditional exercise our brain sends impulses, that reach neurons and affect the muscles and cause their contraction. During EMS training the brain work is supported by electrical impulses sent from a special machine. This stimulates the deep muscles, which is rather impossible during a normal training.

The EMS personal training allows modeling the shape of your body, firms the muscles, causes a rapid increase in muscle mass while reducing fat and cellulite. And, most importantly, these effects are achieved during the quick twenty-minutes workout, not during the hours of torture in the gym.

Studio Synergy is the first studio that offers this form of personal training in Krakow and the first EMS studio chain in Poland. You can practice individually and measure only with yourself or together, to motivate each other, train with a person close to you.

You can choose from among 4 Studio Synergy locations in different areas of Krakow: Center, Bronowice, Podgorze, and Salwator districts.

Personal EMS trainer

Certificated and experienced trainers

Studio Synergy trainers are well-educated personal therapists and personal trainers, who have many years of experience and an excellent knowledge of a body anatomy and its biomechanics. Our competent coaching crew will adjust to your individual abilities and needs the intensity of each personal training, responding all the time to your condition.

Advanced and unique form of a personal EMS training combined with a experience of our professional trainers brings rapid results, that are visible after the first three workouts.

Studio Synergy had already been visited many top polish sportsmans, including Rafał Sonik - a rally driver, the winner of the Dakar Rally, Filip Wolański - MMA (KSW) athlete, Tomasz Sarara, a multiple champion in K1, Szczepan Karpiel – Bułecka, multiple Polish Champion of Freestyle Skiing or Polish Snowboard National Team , which confirms that nowdays the EMS is the world’s most effective form of a personal training.

Studio Synergy is run by Bartek Stanek, an experienced personal trainer, an expert in his field, the author of a numerous professional publications about personal training.

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