Electrostimulation – the perfect workout in just 20 minutes

EMS allows you to improve the appearance of the whole body with minimum time. Thanks to the impulse stimulation with different current and different frequencies, the hours spent in the gym can be replaced by an innovatory training.

What is a muscle electrostimulation?

EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) is a muscle electrostimulation, which is used with success in sport and physiotherapy. EMS is also used by NASA and the US Army. EMS training is used by Real Madrid players and famous athletes, such as Klitschko brothers, the boxers. This method is most popular in fitness clubs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

During each exercise, our brain sends impulses to the neurons, resulting in muscle cramps. With EMS the whole brain process can be replaced – intead of brain, the electrical impulses are sent from a special machine.

This impulse causes a controlled muscle cramp without the participation of the whole or a part of the nervous system responsible for the cramp during the traditional training. The more controlled cramps, the larger and stronger muscles are. That’s why even muscles located in the deeper layers of our body are also stimulated.

Is electrostimulation right for me?

Regardless of whether the goal is to reduce body fat, sculpt the figure, reduce cellulite, improve the motor speed or increase muscle mass, EMS training is an excellent and innovative method of achieving it.

During the training, your personal trainer will control all groups of your muscles and adjust the intensity of your workout to your individual training goals, giving your body more than 150 times more muscle cramps, than you would have been given during a conventional training.

What once was possible to achieve only after years of intense exercises, now thanks to the EMS method is available to everyone!



Regular training

The time required for trainingOnly 20 minutesMore than 90 minutes
The optimal frequency of training2-3 times a week3-5 times a week
Visible resultsAfter 4-6 sessionsAfter 15-20 sessions
The amount of calories burnt in trainingTo 1200 kcalTo 400 kcal
Weight lossUp to 3 times fasterStandard
Cellulite reductionYesNo
Training the entire skeletal muscleAlwaysOnly during some exercises
Deep muscle growthUp to 5 times fasterStandard
Injury riskNoneHigh
Strain on jointsVery lowIncreased
Metabolism speed upYesNo
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