Our experts answer the most frequently asked questions in Studio Synergy

Synergy Studio is the very first one place in Lesser Poland voivodeship, and one of the first in whole country, to specialize only in EMS trainings. We have the longest experience in using this training method, and our experts are certified trainers, trained by international training EMS Academy.
EMS training is one of the safest training methods availible at the market. Electrostimulations has its roots in rehabilitation, and the training itself is performed wihtout any load in the form of weights. However it is important to remember, that safe and effective whole body EMS training has to be performed by quallified training staff. All of the trainers in Synergy Studio are trained and own a producer certificate.
EMS training is one of the most effective training methods. It has been proven by many researches performed i.a. on german universities. What can I accomplish by training EMS in Synergy Studio? Electrostimulation of the muscles in the whole body has a very wide specrte of usage, that's why all clients with their own indiviual training goals will ind something in our training form. On the introducing training our experts will perform a thorough interview, during which they will explain what exacly does the EMS training in context of the individual training goal.
Of course that EMS training doesn't hurt. High quallified training staff in our studios will take care of your comfort and safety during the training.
EMS training has its roots in rehabilitations, so it's ideal option for convalescent coming back into a shape afrter injury. We don't use loans in trainings, and the impuls itself balances muscular imbalance, that could've occur during the injury.
You don't need anything to come for the introducing training. On the first session you will recieve a special training suit from us, that includes training socks, towel, water and coffe. Every training studio contains bathrooms with showers.
The very idea of Synergy Studio is possibility to perform quick, but effective training despite our studio localizatiom. That's why one carnet is valid in differend buildings.
Of course, it is possible to take other physicla activities while attening EMS trainings. However it is important to bear in mind the intensity of EMS training and the time for regeneration after it. That's why our experts during introducing trainings will advice you how to link other activities with EMS training, so it will be most effective.
Why EMS training last only for 20 minutes and takes place once a week? EMS training last only for 20 minutes, because, as an only training form in the world, it stimulates every muscle group at once, including deep muscles. What it means is that the training process is even more effective. To make the training even more effective, it takes place only once a week. It is linked to extended muscle regeneration.
Effective EMS training takes place only once a week. It is due to european rules Safety First, introduced by international EMS training Academy. EMS training is the only sport characterized by a few days muscle regeneration. Attempts to introduce more than one training a week, for those who are not proffesional sportsmen, are uneffective. Our trained staff in all of the studios train due to the rule Safety First.
EMS training is characterized with a variety of effects, supported by hundreds of positive recommendations that we recieved. The time the effects appear is an individual matter and is linked to many factors. But we guarantee that our trainings will be performed in the most proffesional and aeffective way.
Synergy Studio interviews client during the introducing training. This is when we get informations about your individual training goal and adjust optimum training program.
Of course, in our studios it's possible to train in pairs. We encourage such solution, because it is additional motivation to the training. The introducing training is individual.
Of course, yes. Our clients are very diverse target group. There are no age limit, or requirement as to current customer form.
You are welcome to read about it here.
EMS training allows you to burn a lot of calories, but most importantly significally speeds up metabolism due to the simultanious muscle work. It means, that in tim perspective it helps to lose weight in more effective way.
Thousands of pleased clients over the years trained in Synergy Studios. We encourage you to read our recommendations.
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