Wstępny wywiad i określenie celu treningowego

Trainer at the first meeting with a client carries out an interview. The client fills out the form and submit his expectations for the training and defines the purpose of training: burn fat, increase muscle strength, improve his health and wellbeing of the whole body or any other desired effect.

Dokładne badania

For more information about the amount of muscle mass, fat, water in a body, and many others will be carried out through a research with the help of a professional machine. It will analyze the composition of the body, which allows our trainers to develop an individual course of training and match the most suitable EMS parameters.

Analiza budowy ciała

Trainer will analyze the measurements of your body and prepare training correcting posture.

Realizacja celów

Trainer will be realizing with the client his goals, supervise the progress and periodically will prepare the analysis of all important parameters to note a progression, the results are also available for the client.

Profesjonalna opieka trenera osobistego

Throughout the training the customer will be under professional care of a trainer, the trainer will take care of motivation and properly made exercises. Individually selected parameters of EMS allow you to adjust the intensity of the training to the needs and possibilities of the practitioner.

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